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[POP #9:2] Andrew Catlin

Andrew Catlin
London-fotografen Andrew Catlin har porträtterat artister som Bobby Gillespie, Jarvis Cocker, Chemical Brothers, Saint Etienne, Cornershop, Beth Orton och Blur i POP. Han bor i Maida Vale med sin familj:

Andrew Catlin»You see, that’s the trouble with your swede. Unpredictable. Moody. Depressive. Must be the long winters. Not enough daylight. Just when I thought it was safe. This is great, I thought. I’m saved from the english music press. Here’s a magazine that actually looks great, and that I’ll never have to worry what they’ve written with the pictures! In fact, if it’s Tricky, and he gets all moody and won’t do the interview, he’ll still do the pictures! Weird magazine… perfect. Now I can get on with life in a dignified and civilised manner. But no. The next thing you know they decide to close it down. Typical. I suppose I should have guessed they’d be up to no good. You only have to watch a couple of Bergman movies to realise that nothing will make a swede happy. Show a swede a good thing, and it depresses the fuck out of him as far as I can see.«

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