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[POP #7:2] Singlar 98

Singlar 98

1. Stardust Music Sounds Better With You [Roulé/Virgin]
2. Brandy featuring Monica The Boy Is Mine [Atlantic/import]
3. BeBe Winans Thank You (MAW mix) [Atlantic/import]
4. Fatboy Slim The Rockafeller Skank [Skint/Sony]
5. Sparkle & R Kelly Be Careful [Jive/Zomba]
6. Primal Scream If They Move, Kill ‘Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra) [Creation/Sony]
7. Aretha Franklin Here We Go Again (Morales Classic mix) [Arista/BMG]
8. Kenny Bobien Rise Above the Storm [MAW/import]
9. Broder Daniel I’ll Be Gone [Dolores/MNW]
10. Backroom Congregation Sunday Morning [Thickk/import]
11. Red Rat Bizzi Blazzi [Main Street/import]
12. Hefner Love Will Destroy Us in the End [Too Pure/MNW]
13. Bronx Dogs Tribute to Jazzy Jay [Kontraband/import]
14. Beastie Boys Intergalactic [Grand Royal/EMI]
15. Brothers Of Peace featuring Ricky Nelson Work It Out [Soundmen On Wax/import]
16. Beenie Man Who Am I [Shocking Vibes/import]
17. Mogwai Mogwai Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine remix) [Eye Q/import]
18. George Michael Outside [Epic/Sony]
19. The Don The Horn Song [Strictly Rhythm/import]
20. David Morales presents The Face Needin’ U [Definity/import]
21. Mousse T. vs. Hot’N’Juicy Horny [Peppermint Jam/Edel]
22. Mos Def feat Q-Tip & Tash Body Rock [Rawkus/MNW]
23. Rahsaan Patterson Where You Are (Silk Hurley Old Skool mix) [MCA/Universal]
24. Scott Grooves Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk mix) [Soma/Virgin]
25. Aretha Franklin A Rose Is Still a Rose [Arista/BMG]
26. Luther Vandross Are You Using Me? (MAW mix) [EMI]
27. Bad Cash Quartet Amuse You [Telegram/Warner]
28. Eddie Amador House Music [Pukka/import]
29. Pras Michel feat Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Mya Ghetto Superstar [Interscope/Universal]
30. Fuzz Against Junk Country Clonk [Nuphonic/import]


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